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63 be warned...arg!

The following cut has a million bazillion pictures, and it took me forever to do, so appreciate it!!

The show was amazing!

and so are these pictures!

These pictures are of Paige the Great, and Dress Rehersal on Tuesday:

Paige and her 2 Elliots

Zoe wouldnt let me take her picture, so Paigey attacked her.

Justin being Justin. OW OW!

Justin me and Mara!! <3

Charlie's Angels? oh my...

Dress rehersal! Mason=Rhett!

Star and '..Jud..'

'Rhett,' Courtney, Eric, Bunny, and Martha bvack therrrr!

Mrs. Moss, Fran, Olivia, and Mark.

Courtney, Steven, Ryne.

Carter/Pat Pending!

Jason and Justin

The following pictures are of Thursday night's performance:

"I'm Happy" "I could be Happy married to a rich man."

The two best inspectors and Mrs. Minnie Moss.

"Step up here an' meer yur cousin!" I love that picture!

"My um...sister/girlfriend...girlfriend/sister..that is to say my Sister's Girlfriend..."

Special Elderberry wine. :D

I dont really know what they are doing here.

"I knew a girl who liked her cee-gars couldnt be all bad...Even if she is city breed."

Jud sniffing Justin.

"Cant be too choosey if you know what I mean."

My eeeeeeee-lectric cattle prodder

"Now! I wanna talk NOW! *Hiccup*"

The special wine? I'm not really sure...

"Happy is NOT happy anymore!"

Blah blah blah blah blah...The best Martha Hardy!

"Drugs kill!" "SO DO FRYING PANS!" "...and wine..."

The PMS ladies, and Mr. Barrister.

Jud scratching his sexy!

We have a dead body on our hands.


All sexed up!! ;)

Paige and I look very confused

"I'm not going 'down under' with you!"

HAHA! maybe you are Mr. Barrister!

"I'M A MAN!!!!"

The following picture are of Friday Nights performance:


dont ask.

Happy and TT Charmin.

Mrs. Moss and Rhett.

*Fake crying*

I love this picture!

PMS, Rhett, Barrister, and Minnie.

Ohhh!! This scene was so funny!

"My card..."

"I'm Nellen, Nellen Voyd."


"Insomnia? I know who to cure that, just take a brwon paper bag..."

Rhett sleeping

Carter looks like hes about to lick Matt.

Blah blah blah again! TT and Happy are fighting.

"Who was that bleach blonde ith you in our bed?!"

[I'm cool like Pat Pending]

"He's bald!"

And finally the following pictures are of Saturday Night's performance:


"This here's Myrtle!"

"Maybe he just wants to read?"

Jud sniffing people again...

Paige hit me!! Yay!

Hmm...lets mix things up a about I break the bottle...

Sexed up once again, only Martha is in on it this time!!

Me rapeing Matt.

                          Theater is

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